Miley Cyrus shocked the world at the Video Music Awards. But was her performance racist?

Miley Cyrus and Her Tongue
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No! Give the girl a break and leave her alon. Don't like her don't buy her music . Quit making her the scrape goat for your own deeper thoughts .


Well is didn't seem racist. It was all around disgusting. Cryus Girl!! Have some dignity, moral,discipline and self respect and at least have respect to the public and your fans, ( if you still have any) I understand about entertaining your fans,,,,,but come on!! If you want to dress and dance like that then go work at a strip club...then there you will get the attention you want. Very disappointed with the producers who let it air like that.


P.S. She's a pig and now we have the proof !!!


What's w/ the F'n tongue, seriously !!!


What is the fascination with people sticking out their tongues? I'm not a prude, but come one girls, act like girls!


I just think she made a very bad choice in the routine, I dont know about racist ..I know alot of white people that really like the music and dance like that, including me, I just think she "WAS" a role model for alot of younger people and she has messed that up ,in my opinion, badly. I even watched Disney with my kids, who are very young, and now I look at her in a whole different way (not a good, wholesome way) like I did back then. I hate it for her, that she thinks she has to act like she does now..maybe its for attention, but, although shes getting it, its the "wrong" kind of can be "edgie" without being so "trashy"..but, thats just MY opinion..Im old..