Kathy Griffin has made a joke about Demi Lovato cutting herself. Did she go too far with it?

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That was so disrespectful Kathy Griffin. How dare you joke about Demi. What she went through was seriously no joke, but obviously it seems like you don't care. Just because people make fun of you, doesn't mean you go ahead and joke about other people. Demi is beautiful, sweet, smart, and amazing. What she went through as a child till now, i am going through the same problems, but you know what my life is way better because of Demi. If your gonna make jokes...make them about yourself...or somebody that hasen't gone through very bad times. Matter of fact, just don't make any mean jokes in general. Commit to that Kathy.
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that was way personal so mad she shoudnt have never dont that that is tottaly disrespecting demi lovato and miley cyrus .she shoud get of the show.


Comedians job is to push the envelope, and as myself being a huge stand up comedy fan I can say I don't like Kathy Griffin, but it is her right to talk about whatever the hell she wants. And just because I support her right to free speech does not, in anyway mean that I "support bully and murder. And rape" She is a comedian, and I am sure plenty of people found the joke funny. If you don't like her comedy, you don't have to watch it. It's simple.


24.2% people support bullying and murder. And Rape.

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