Miley Cyrus has released this photo in order to send a message to her weight critics. What do you think of her action?

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Point taken thanks Miley.


This is really stupid. I could care less.


Miley isn't fat. Britney is.


I am sick to death of Hollywood and the modeling industry, and the media determining what is beautiful or who is fat. FEW of the examples of beauty that young women are given are real. It is ALL done with AIRBRUSHING. Take the damn makeup off and the airbrushing away, and they look like an everyday ORDINARY PERSON. Nothing special.


I think it is perfect!! I am also very impressed that Miley is useing her "star" powers for the good of things the people who feel this went to far are either guilty of hurting others in this same way and /or affaid of the truth!! Keep it up Miley you are awesome and I am a proud mama of a 5 year old who has watched and listen to you her whole life! what I am tring to say is I am glad there are roll modles like you out there for her to admire!


There is no other way to reach people these days accept for to be dramatic and excessive. if your not no one pays attention. miley is not too skinny by far and this picture proves it. the stress society puts on women to be skinny is only the half of it. it starts in childhood all through men and womens lives. gettin made fun of or being critical to the point of bullying. these poor women starving to be like what? all the actresses in the tabloids who weigh 95 pounds. who ever said skinny is beautiful?


She is absolutely right.


the only girls with there problem are skinny to begin with, girls like me who are actually over weight just wanna get to the norm like I have 200+ I actually should be 185-195 because i am tall and well endowed.