Miley Cyrus has released this photo in order to send a message to her weight critics. What do you think of her action?

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Miley I'll love u no matter wot size u r and btw u are most definately NOT fat u r a beautiful weight and I think ur very talented and ur definately my role-model. You taught me to stand up for myself and not be afriad. I love u! xxx


miley if ur fat or thin ...ur always the same 4 me & i'll alway love u and be a fan of u till the end


First of all Miley is not fat. She's gorgeous and she has a great carrier so people want to make something to destroy it.
But the posted picture is out of the topic, those girls that looked like that carry an illness that they think of themselves as super fat but they aren't.


Good for you Miley.


Perfectly said Miley. The more people in your position that brings attention to how pathetic these "Haters" are the better. But more than that Miley, it show how strong and confident you are to recognize that they are the ones with a problem.


Right On Miley!!!!!!!!!


Skinny isn't sexy. Tits are.


Miley, you look like death warmed over and then burned for greater effect. Try eating something and you'll look like a real woman. This photo portrays a skeleton with skin attached. I'm surprised you still function. I'm 5'3" and 107 and I'm told I'm too skinny. I look NOTHING like this photograph.


glad to no know u feel good about yourself Miley thats all that matters.#1 fan


If someone gets all bent out of shape like this olive oil here because a few people called her FAT at one time. Then isn't obvious that she had other mental issues besides her weight that pushed her to this point.