Team Sarah Palin or Team Orlando Jones?

Orlando Jones Pic
Sarah Palin Gets Fired Up!

Just as the one respondent wrote, things would be different if someone said that about his Mother or Grandmother. The only racial tensions in the USA are seen on T.V. My friends and I, are different races and we have absolutely no problems. I think Herman Cain has a point, if Black Americans seem to always vote for democrats and the unemployment amoungst blacks is over 30%, I would think it's time to vote for another group. Wouldn't hurt!


Enjoyed him in "Evolution", but thanks to his idiot tweet I will never again buy a ticket to a show with him in it!!!


I never heard of Orlando Jones. What has he done?


As blacks can get away with anything did he or for that matter the secret service arrest him or is it because he is black that he gets away with it. Maybe right now he is out telling all the black youths to go flash mob and rob some convience store.
Wonder why racial tensions are on the rise in America or maybe he just makes American money but really deep inside hates America?

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