Team Sarah Palin or Team Orlando Jones?

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  • Sarah Palin Gets Fired Up!
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This man is insane. This shows you how off the charts that Hollywood liberals are. SHAME!!!!


Good for you JUDY for your statement.


Calling for an assassination? Artistic?. Orlando Jones is a punk.


PALIN is an American NAZZI!!


the truth is everyone in alaska gets $1200 a month for life.
They exist off the oil revenue and they are the largest pork belly. They get hundreds of millions of dollars while the oil revenue sits in the bank som 60 billion as they suck off the federal money for their existence.a family of 6 like palins gets $7200 a year, hence the large families.
so palin supporters please keep preaching her record, oh did I forget she slept with a black man glenn rice, she does not admit and he does


funny that all the palin lovers always have to come out and defend her lantern riding, shooting warning shots, warning the british nonsense,
then we she does come out and say quaky things they write a book for her and she re-appears then stumbles and falls and a movie is made, she comes out again says something totally lame,
for bristol palin, I could have saved people from paying her thousands of dollars to help abstenenc, Bristol cross your legs???


This guy is dangerous! He needs to be arrested!


Was anybody this upset about her crosshairs map? She targeted people too, and was not joking about it. Gabrielle Gifford probably got shot because it. That's why EVERYONE should think before they make stupid remarks out there and fuel the crazies.


I am conviced that most liberal minded people are full of hate!
Of course there will be some exceptions


I think palin is an idiot, has no indepth thinking, called for more money for her pac last week got the millions and said " not gonna run". but kept the money??? all the republicans need at the debate table is a retarded midget dancing on the table.