Team Len or Team Maks?

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
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The comments I read uniformly criticise the judges, especially Len and Bruno, and I couldn't agree more. I was an avid fan of DWTS until two years ago. The professionals are amazing the way they can choreograph to an individual's strength and create a dancer. They and their partners do not deserve gratuitous abuse and rudeness from the judges. The show lost an enthusiastic viewer because of the judges' behavior. An incidental pet peeve is the fact that some of the "stars" are professional dancers. That should be a no-no.


Len started it by jumping on Maks for Hope's performance. Hope has a bad attitude. I think she doesn't like men, because when they put her amongst women, she becomes more feminine. I'm not making a judgment on her sexuality, just commenting on what I've observed. Every week, we see her fighting with Maks and refusing to take the female role in the dance. She should have been sent back to the soccer field way before this. Max needs an attitude adjustment in thinking the show is his, but I'll be that came about early on when the show was being developed. He was probably the first choreographer and most involved in the show's creation, but it's grown so much over the years - and he's still the best.


I am an ardent fan of Dancing With the Stars and all the professionls on this show, that includes the professional dancers as well as the "professional partners", and the "PROFESSIONAL JUDGES". Oh,wait a minute, "Professional" means that one would conduct themselves in a dignified manner, showing respect to all. I would not use the term "Professional" when addressing the judges on this show. Judges should know how to critic the dance, choreography, and showmanship of the professional dancers and their individual partners. For two of the judges, Bruno and Len, it seems that this particular part of their profession has escaped them. To be demeaning, disrespectful and rude to these teams who are working their hardest to provide great entertainment, is a disgrace. Thank you Max for having the courage to standup for your partner and yourself. You and Hope have given for more than these judges deserved!


I am with Max all the way. He is a fabulous dancer and teacher. Lynn and company are mean spirited and should be excused frm the show. Derek is very good, but Max is beter.


Max is one of the best dancers on the show and he works hard with every one of his partners, so instead of the judges always criticizing the stars, why not encourage them to continue working hard, and let the people be the true judges by their votes. Max was right to get frustrated!


I agree with Maks, all the judges need to be replaced if ABC wants to keep this show going. Judging dancing is one thing, but rude insults from the judges should not be tolerated. Every season the judges pick a favorite and insult the rest. Ricki Lake should not even be on the show, she has had dance lessons for movies, which makes her a pro.


All three judges are getting on my nerves, but Bruno must definitely go. His leering and suggestive remarks to women plus his non-dance-related criticisms (eg, name-calling) are embarrassing. I love the dancing or I would have stopped watching DWTS seasons ago. One problem is that one of the judges is the producer. You see the same problem when the same person directs a movie that he stars in. There is no one to provide a critical eye. Other performance contests rotate judges -- why not DWTS?


Maxsim had Mel B (Spice Girl) Runner up lost to an Indy 500 racer Castronueves why because of choreography. Erin Andrews, had a good chance to win, he brought out a BED on the dance floor (the routine stunk) Len was right. He wished Maxsim showed her strengths. Erin's legs were amazing and her dancing improved soo much, I thought she would win, but NOT. Brand (singer) can't complain about having her as a partner, she was amazing. I told my husband, it happens every season, Maxsim looses is temper, sometimes at moments when he could win. I'm not sure if he sabotages his success or just falls short. Feel bad for Derek, he is the most talented on the show and it's hard for Maxsim to see Derek shine, btw Ricki Lake, love her, but it has been a challenge for Derek, he is just a good. Also the judges are suppose to judge. Take it in stride or leave YOUR show.


I have watched DWTS since day one and I think it's about time that someone said something to the judges about how they say things. It's not WHAT IS SAID, BUT HOW IT IS SAID, that can be extremely hurtful to a person. Len is not the only one. Bruno is constantly over doing his descriptions of a persons dance compared to various animals. These people are adults and should be spoken to as one. Again, it's not what is said, it's how it is said. They all need to think before they speak.
Maks needs a pat on the back, but he also needs to realize that he is not the entire show.


I have watched since the very beginning. Yes, for sure Len is out of place with all of his remarks. The other two are making two many sexy remarks that are not necessary for this show. It has changed alot since the first show I must say. When you enjoy watching a performance and then have to listen to their remarks takes alot away from the show for sure. If you don't recall maybe you can go back a few years and watch some of the judges remarks and they were more in line than they are now. Sorry for the show to let three people (judges) ruin it.