Team Gaga or Team Madonna?

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look guys why fight about this let me make your answer quicker to answer...
Madanna is getting older less and less people know her less and less people like her.
Gaga on the other hand is newer,greater,better,younger,nicer,and one of fashion's and music's bigest icons.
I dont think Madonna will ever try to wear a meat dress because she is not as big as a risk taker.
What im trying to say in a non troll way is that gaga is way better


Gaga is a people person and is talented. She is kind and gracious. Madonna is a snob who looks down on people. It doesn't surprise me that Madonna would make such a comment. She is jealous and insecure because Gaga is the "it" girl, not her.


I was a fan of Madonna long time ago but since Gaga came out I fell in love with her style, personality and music...Gaga is also more loving towards her fans....YOU ROCK GAGA!!!!


at least i know madonna is a woman


Maddonna, all the way, and I'm not even a fan. Its obvious to anyone with a brain gaga is basically copy both her and marilyn manson. Madonna is know to be hyper sexualized, and the latter know to be controversial, so instead of coming up with her own identity, she went, hey LETS COMBINE THEM, and people will refer to me as there god.
Good job, Gaga, Great fucking job.




Madonna is hypocrite! she acts and speaks as if she didn't copied anyone, but the truth was she did! she used to be Marilyn Monroe on her videos and her look .. agree? whatever gaga does you're different Madonna . -love you mother monster


As much as I like Madonna, Lady Gaga's music is different from hers. I think she's unique and has her onw style. Who cares what Madonna thinks anyway.


madonna is just jelious. Her career is a wash at this point. She was riding Guy Richie's coat tails. She should just be gracious....don't hate, just appreciate.


gaga is a never was madonna is the original and her music is way better