Team ESPN or Team Hank Williams Jr.?

Hank Williams Jr.

He beat them to the decision announcing on Wednesday he was out. They then announced on Thursday he was out.
He understands the First Amendment. Besides his comment was an analogy which people use all the time. He did not call Obama Hitler, it was the ears of the people listening that made the association. Just as someone would make the analogy Oklahoma football playing Middle Tennessee football would be like Dallas Mavericks playing Cleveland Cavaliers.


Obama should be impeached for ruining our country. Those Wall Street protesters should be protesting against Obama giving trillions of dollars to Wall Street, Auto Manufacturers and who ever else that wants a cut. Also he promised to end our troops involvement in foriegn wars. Sad........


Thank goodness someone has the guts to say what everyone else is thinking but afraid to say. I applaud him for his couage and honesty.

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