Chime in now with your take on Susan Sarandon referring to the Pope as a "Nazi."

Pope Benedict XVI Photo

I think it's totally RIDICULOUS. So she called him a Nazi... And? It's just a harmless little joke. Get over it! What a bunch of freaking crybabies...


Wow Blue123 you're quite the Winner. Quick to make an assumption, on someone that is speaking the truth. I believe the Pope has a lot of evil secrets, the pope is horrible AF. Dark secrets are being held at that place. But I don't think you even care or take aware about this stuff because I'm sure all you care about is your f*cking self.


Who care about the bloody pope?


Who cares what this old broad says. She is just like Jane Fonda in my book. Will do anything to get noticed. She should be home raising her illegitimate children.

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