Sound off now: should Willie Geist replace Matt Lauer as host of Today?

Willie Geist Picture

Honestly, I was glad when Ann was replaced. I actually chose not to watch any of the NYC stuff in the morning very much any more. I would rather watch my local channel and get what's going on in my state versus just NY. There is so much more to our USA than just NYC. I also can't stand the way every single person talks over the other person! No one lets anyone finish their sentence. It's no wonder our kids all have that problem. I like Matt Lauer but I also like the new guy. I think all the women need to be replaced they don't know when to keep their mouths shut!


Remove Savannah, she appears so out of place. Annoying and appears Ditsy, her mannerisms, her facial expressions are so unprofessional. NBC you really need to find someone that can really do and look the part. I never really felt that position was for Ann either But replacing Savannah for Ann is mind boggling! You should have considered Natalie she appears mature, believable, and comfortable and a natural. she would have been the better choice. Willie is a great addition. I look forward to watching the show again. Save the show. Al can't carry the show all by himself. He is a great asset but he can't do it alone! I grew up with the Today show and It is a shame that myself and everybody I know is watching another channel. I used to also love Klg and Hoda but they over talk each other and their guests sp much that appear on the show that you miss what the guests are saying. Good luck today show. I really hope you get your grove back.

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