Whitney Houston's funeral will be streamed online. But should it be?

Whitney Houston Us Weekly Cover

Rest in peace queen of hip hop! i love you but God loves you most!you affected my life peiitsvoly, making it possible for me to know what true love is all about! every day, every night i still finds it difficult to belief you are gone not to return again! your life taught me how to lay hold on God in every issues of life, to love God the creator of heaven and earth, to always love people around me. above all u taught me to always help people around me who might have find themselves in one addiction or the other, to care and love them! to go extra miles for people, to be kind hearted!had it been we've done this to you, you will still be alive by now!oh Whitney, i really learnt alot from you!your life tot me to advocate for the erradication of drugs among youths in nigeria!i will always love you Whitney!!!

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