Robert Downey Jr. says we ought to forgive Mel Gibson. Do you agree?

Robert Downey Jr. and Mel Gibson

we should forgive him...hes done nothing wrong hes only human...


...of course; he's human.
Who else is a bi-polar notable ?
Unfortunately Bi-polar has it's insanely vile moments as well as it's brilliant geniuss' who benefit & change the world like no other. Not only forgiveness but pills, counsel, or herbs should b the best friends;-)


We forgive all the others .Why not him.???


We've all said and done things that were not very nice. Let's give the guy a break. He's always been my favorite but he's human. Forgive and try and forget. He's brilliant in film making.


Sorry, I'm Jewish, have a hard time forgiving him, I want to, I used to love him as an actor and would like to again, so my comment really should be a maybe.

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Mel Gibson used to be known only for acting and directing. Now, you can add hating Jews to that list. Despite massive success as an actor... More »
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