Voula Papachristou is off the Olympic team for Greece because she sent a racist Tweet. Should she have gotten the boot?

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Africans, Australians, Europeans, Asians...all races of people!


Antifon: What was the Olympic committee thinking when the games were held in 1931? China anyone? Iran is competing and their government talks about blowing Israel off the map. In 2004 and 2008 athletes from Iran withdrew from events if Israelis were participating. Where is your outrage! Sorry in my rant I forgot what you said the Olympic games were about. Greek committee was playing politics for this woman's views. Lucy: Everyone on the continent of Africa is one color right? Get a clue. Reading articles on this site is humorous at times. People wanting Robert Pattinson to give Kristen a second chance for her cheating but don't give this woman a second chance that has given her all to be on the team.


I dont see what was so racist? I'm against racism, but this seemed like an innocent comment. Similar to "at least those canadian mosquitos get to eat homegrown food because we're competing in their area". Thats how that read to me, maybe im missing something?


Olympics is way more than mere competition. It is about honoring universal human values. She was rightly banned & my congrats to the Greek committee for acting with lightening speed!


She said Africans, that is a race of people, and it was a racist comment.


This was not a racist comment, Africa is a continent, not a race of people.