Should there be major gun control legislation passed?

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Should there be major gun-control measures legislated in America?
As a Canadian I can only opinionate on this issue, but gun control is a constitutional right in America, we do not nor have as Canadians the right to bare-arms in our Constitutional Rights.
I feel Americans will have to examine their hearts and minds as a society to find general consensus on this issue. A blank declaration allowing American citizens to have guns is dangerous without pre-conditions as to who can, and how many, and of what type fire-arm they can own, legally.
The problem to me is most legal gun-owners dont use their guns illegally, its the illegal guns within the society which most often are the result of tradegy.
The issue is how to remove illegal guns from society and that requires more than legislation to do.
Adding pre-conditions to gun ownership does not prevent one from owning a gun, just makes it more difficult to obtain one.
We have gun-control measures in Canada in place- for some measure of control over the situation, so I am not against it in America, as I feel the benefits to society are positive in general.


Civilians do not need assualt rifles and nut cases and nut case adjacent people should not have guns. What sane non-criminal would have an issue with background checks, and restrictions on military grade weapons?


Gun laws did not fail.It was one demented mother with her clean record that bought these weapons and placed the guns in her pshycotic kid's hands.


Common sense should rule the day. Average citizen does not need assault weapons!!!

@ Lking

What ? Clueless


this man is out to single-handedly disarm good Americans! Oh i forgot he is british.


i agree with angela gun laws are not gonna change peoples irresponsibility the gun didnt jump and shoot anybody. the people who have not been properly diciplined by their parents or have been ignored and left to fend for themselves is the problem why punish everyone else for the lack of common sense from a few others the main problem is the people of this world today wants the govt to handle everything well the govt needs to stay out of peoples lives and the people themselves need to get up off their collective asses and take care of their families


If people want to argue that we can't have gun laws, then we need stricter laws for accountability. If you leave guns where your child can get to them, and they use them to kill, you go to jail also!