The Twilight Saga may extend beyond Breaking Dawn Part 2. But should it?

Breaking Dawn Wedding Night!
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continue it i want to wake up everyday and find a new movie or book released!!!


yes they should keep the twilight story going


I think that it is a good idea to continue the story. They could make a movie about Bree Tanner (the small book that Stephanie wrote about one of the newborns from Eclipse). Or they could show Renesmee growing older, maybe even involve Renee, since she appeared so little in all the movies. I don't enjoy the ending in breaking dawn. There is too much information that Stephanie didn't include. She should have contiued the books. She had hinted at a war in the future with the Volturi, but never used that. Makes no sense to end it that way.


Only if the whole original cast is in it. Hey if stephanie meyer has another dream that continues the story line who are we to say it shouldn't continue she is the creator!


i say leave it be, dont get me wrong i love this saga but all good things must come to an end, why ruin a good thing, if it was meant to continue stephanie meyer would have done it, leave twilight to the professional that started it to continue it if she wants


Kristen and Rob might not sign on for another movie they seem burnt out on twilight in order to get them back the studio would have to come out of the pockets big time. Not to mention the volturi will not just go away they will find some reason to come back around to get what they want. Hell there could be two more movie the final movie being when the Cullens and the other vampire kill the volturie and start a new for of way life for vampires. Now that would be the great. I would so totally help them write it.


I think they should make another movie and I would be open to writing the screen play. Jacob and Renesme relationship would be the next step twilight is like star wars the public cant get enough and Stepahine Meyer needs to get her head out of her ass and give the people what they want. I think the other half breed Nahuel who came to save the day in the end of breaking dawn who is half human and vampire should give jacob a run for his money and try to court Renesme just like Edward did with him and Bella and of course Edward and Bella need to be in the movie but more like Carlie and Esme advising their daughter on life and the best things for her to do about love.But this time let Jacob whip some ass and get the girl.


Who doesn't want to see more Bella and Edward! But, Bella has so much conflict in her life and becoming a Cullen has resolved all that. Now the story should be the different challenges that Jacob and Renesme have to overcome. Wheather it be the Volturi, their families coming to terms with a wolf and human vampire together, or what about Bella's dad? He has to fit in there and get to know more in some way. It would be awesome not to end the series, but it would have to be done right so it wouldn't bomb. It could branch off in so many ways but would only be good if the writers write it just right, to keep the viewers wanting more. I also wouldn't mind maybe a rated r instead of PG-13. So much more could be done with the Twilight Saga if there wasn't an issue with how it is rated.


That would be awesome! Though I think it would be cooler if they focused more on the other couples(Alice/Jasper, Emmett/Rosalie, Esme/Carlisle). Also, they should show the relationship between Jacob and Renesme. Like, how he starts out as like an older friend, then they fall in love. That would be sweet!


i think they shuld i will be heart broken if the sereis ends.....but i would only watch it if it had the same people in itmostly edward hes smexy ~~~TEAM EDWARD~~~ (for eva)