Should the Sister Wives cast be prosecuted?

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If these people are happy with each other, then for god sake leave them alone. God in heaven is the judge of all humanity not other people. This family needs to be paid some type of restitution from the state of Utah. Meri lost her job because of prejiduce. Totaly not ok! I pray she goes after the mental health place that fired her and sues for as much as she can get and some just for the embarrasement put upon her.


I believe the whole family should be left alone, Their kids seems welll adjusted and happy. Their financial needs are looked after with three of themworking outside jobs. Personally It wouldn't suit me, as I like one husband and all the attention, but if those women don't mind sharing, and have opted for this kind of arrangement leave em alone!


The kids seem too be happy and well adjusted. They are not going without their daily needs being met. The "wives" are good friends and would live another lifestyle if they weren't happy. I say it's a win win situation for everyone. The kids even have one mom home all the the time to be available for them. People are just jealous. Focus on your own lives and quit gossiping about people that aren't bothering anybody.

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