Dominic Monaghan believes Swamp People is "death entertainment" and should be axed. Do you agree?

Dominic Monaghan Press Conference Photo
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Whoever answers yes is a idiot, and you have the God given right to change the channel. They are doing a service, if they did the cull the population of alligators every year. You would hear about cats and dogs and little kids getting eaten by alligators is that animal cruelty or cruelty against humanity. Dominic Monahan is a rich little HOBBIT, that should keep his mouth shut and do his own show. Let him go tell Troy Landry to stop doing it, you probably would see a Hobbit running for his life.


They are just showing us away of life that is apart of our history


HEY< who IS this guy anywawy? Who should care if he likes the show ? If he is NOT a citizen let him get got and or keep his mouth shut !@!


Here we go again !!! Take a look at this jerks shirt, death entertainment in it's self> why is it that one person has so much power to control what the masses are watching or even what we are able to buy? Get a grip and stop beiing SHEEP ! Fight it or go down to the slaugter house with the other sheep. USE YOUR VOICE OR LOOSE IT !!!!! I like these people and want to know that they are well and safe after ISAAC ripped through LA. Put your petty crap in a drawer and stop with the" poor gater " they'd eat you just as fast as anyone, get real they don't over hunt> I'll bet you are one of the save the deer folks to> deer have cost me 1/2 of my garden this year and come winter when they come to eat my raspberries- I'll be eating them !!!


It's too bad a respected chennel like History has to resort to this for ratings.. So many other good shows on this channel. It's a reality obviously, but what kind of mindless idiot gets off on watching mindless rednecks with grade two educations slaughter alligators. Prime time good times round the picture box, and next to the coal stove..Pass the popcorn Ma.


Whats the difference between people deer hunting or hog hunting? Isnt it the same when you take a cow to the slaughter house and they shot it and hang it up? Is that wrong also, thats how some people make a living or feed their families.


Also, who cares what he thinks. He isnt even a citizen.


They do it to control the population! There are only 30 days a year to hunt. It's not all year round. MORONS!


I totally agree with Monaghan. The show is totally barbaric and idiotic. There is no place for a show like this on the History Channel. I'm not a huge alligator fan, but to show them needlessly tortured, caught, and killed is disgusting. Whats next History, a reality TV filming workers in a beef packing plant slaughtering cows?


You people have missed the entire purpose of the show. This is people in the swamp have lived and made their living for generations. The show simply strives to show the diversity of our American culture. I suppose you all think that shows like "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and the like is qualty TV.