Do the Duggars have too many kids? Or should they be allowed to live their lives as they choose?

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Anyone who thinks they shouldn't have another child should mind their own business. Every household that have children should raise their kids like the Duggars with or without religion, also with love, responsibility, moral and values. Too many parents today let their kids run the household and that's how it SHOULDN'T be. And for any remarks about the "Older kids taking care of the younger ones" I say, "So What!" Those older kids had the best teachers, their mother and father and that how family should run with everyone helping out and lending a hand. That's exactly how I would run my family.


God will choose their faith, why do people judge? They left it up to god and so should we. They are selfless people and it's just amazing. I have two kids and find that tough I can't imagine how hard her life must be. She is so amazing and so is her family. God bless.


The Duggar's seem like such nice people, but she is getting older, and considering the trouble with her last two pregnancies, it is probably time to stop. The point of having children is to populate the world. Obviously, with just having our 7 billionth child, we've done the job too well. It's going to be difficult to feed that many people.


these wonderful people r raising wonderful people. thats really the bottom line.these r the kind of people who should be having children. people who are responsible caring citizens who are civic minded, they are kind and generous and they are teaching their children these values.God bless them.


They have plenty take care of the ones you have and don't make the older ones be a mother and father for the younger ones.


I agree they should live their lives as they feel...BUT...TWO warnings is enough.....greed comes in many forms....please stop having children...don't put another through what Josie endured..God gives us a brain to make healthy choices....The Duggar kids can't afford to loose Michelle too.....Jim Bob.....Please take good care of what God has already given you......


My heart breaks for the duggars esp Michelle.


It was a warning with its a huge sign. God saying stop this already.


It's up to God. It really is not up to me.


I believe that it is in gods hands.But you do a great job with children.I believe people are just jealous.