Should Sharkeisha be prosecuted for this assault?

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The real issue here is that sharkeisha and whoever else had the idea of recording this and basically premeditating an a whipping,, our society has become so low that even in feel apathy for the victim!! The video was still posted on this column,, everything is about stats everybing is about views and even so that being hypocrite as I write this,,, there are thousands of sharkeishas thousands of females who mess with others men( more women than men in this world ) and thousands of women who would countered sharkeishas attack and tore her out the frame,, when I say thousands I mean millions and when I say millions I mean 100's of millions, basically etcetera... Acts will never end "getting to create a better puzzle with these pieces"should really be the Focus


What an animal!!! Pcs of shit!!!


If you don't see this as a problem, you need your @zz whipped... This is the foolishness that sets our people back consistently... #SMH


All i saw was a fight over a boy who probadly watch the fight and laughed his self. Bullying i didn't see dat bullying is picking and harassing a person everyday and da victnim herself said they talk everyday even the day of the fight. She couldn't fight or can't either way she better learn or she in for a rude awakeing getting dat ass beat everytime and leaveing your fri

@ Faye

Why don't you learn how to speak English before you judge this situation?


I'm glad she got arrested she's a coward and a bully she better get jail time and her get sucker punched cause that's just low


As a mother, I feel sorry fo the victim's mom but please take it positively you are a hero by speaking up and complaining and by that the good anti bullying normal people, have taken it up and your daughter has helped one or two would be bullied children. So please don't stress yourself about some sick people's comments on social media. You and your daughter are my heroess.


And I don't feel sorry for a friend who tries to get with their friends boyfriend or girlfriend. That comes down to character.


I think the sad part of this is that there's a real issue underlying all the violence and mishandled emotions. Our young daughters think more of a boy who gives 2 sh!ts about them than trying to cultivate friendship amongst themselves. This continues past the teen years and follows a lot of young black women into adulthood. Ever work at a place and the black women can't get along with each other or other women there? Yeah that stuff starts here!


she need a taste of her own medicine and jail time.

@ shamekeisha

But then if she is beaten then the person that is beating her is no good as her.


Since she is a bully, I will call her the fat,shapeless girl must be taken to the world's strictest parents with love like me, then I will show her the way forward. After a a few weeks she will be as straight as a rod. STOP encouraging bullying its way too babaric for nowadays.