Kristen Stewart has cheated on Robert Pattinson. Should the actor forgive her?

Kristen Stewart at Comic-Con
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Lynn, your just as pithedic its up to him If your second cheated on you would you EVEN consider it? If you did your and idiot as well! ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER closed!!!!!!!


Once you give away the one thing that is most precious between a couple, nothing is ever quite as pure, quite as special, and never the same again. Never, ever.


No he Should not forgive her...once a cheater always a cheater! You can do do much better Robert! Move on! Fund someone' who's gonna love u back all the way


I guess that's up to him, now, isn't it. I also guess we'll find out just how devoted he is to the idea of them being together. Things aren't always black & white, and trust can be regained over time, believe me, I know; I have lived this nightmare. However, given the fact that they are so young, I'm not sure that either one of them have the maturity and compassion it would take to move past this moment. I was much older when it happened to me. If there is forgiveness, I know for a fact that it can make a relationship stronger. If not, move on, and the best of luck and love to both of them in future relationships.


The trust is shattered. Rob deserves MUCH better; I'd like to see him with a young woman who is better educated and more poised. Ktisten is too immature and cocky to appreciate what Rob was willing to give her. She WILL regret it when she grows up.


I think he should give her one more chance then after that then they don't need to be together.