Kristen Stewart has cheated on Robert Pattinson. Should the actor forgive her?

Kristen Stewart at Comic-Con
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sad,angery,hurt,confused are all the emotions that i went through after kristen stewart cheated on rob,while part of me is pulling that they work through this and remain a couple theres no excuess for what cheating or hurting the preson that you love.kristen has made her bed and now she should have to lay in it. dont feel thats she sorry for the heartach she has caused rob, but that shes only sorry that she got caught. i will always look at kristen as a men-eater and replusive preson. she has lost all respect form this diehard fan.


Clearly she didnt care about Rob in the moment of having sex with a 40 year old man. I mean come on seriously shes a hoe. Oh and didnt she cheat on her last boyfriend with Rob? She's a cold hearted bitch. Sad thing is i used to like her, but not after nasty shit like this fuck that.


everyone do a mistake in their life...she deserve to have a second chance...robsten are such a perfect and adorable couple...but its up to Rob ofcourse. and for you stewart: "dont you ever hurt the person you love and respect the most, Rob". GOOD LUCK TO ROBERT PATTINSON AND KRISTEN STEWART.


All I can say noboby or even I knew about this Rupert Sanders. Now looks like he really made a name for himslf. Will he obviously new who to choose to cheat with. Someone who is well know to The Twihard fans. Just sayin. Good Luck to Kristen and Rob. The questions to oneself is "What Do You Want"?


How do you put your face down there now?


no he shouldn't take her back. once a cheater always a cheater!!!!


Just exactly what did she do to consider cheating,,not really explained,,


No she's heartless


The ball is in Robs court. BUT has anyone considered that this may be a publicity stunt?!? I'm just saying.


People need to leave them alone and let them work through this. If they are truly in love, they will make it back to each other and really do not need our opinion or help. None of us, including myself, has the right to point fingers and sling dirt. We are all guilty of making mistakes. There has only been one perfect person and it is not any of us.