Kristen Stewart has cheated on Robert Pattinson. Should the actor forgive her?

Kristen Stewart at Comic-Con
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i think he should listen to his heart make your own mind up it between you and kristy i will be praying for you and her i like you both youll do make a nice couple people make mistake life too short


just because they were in twilight doesn't mean the film has to do anything with their relationship problems.


Rob should Forget about her if he can. They will be beaking off anyway soon or later. Soon will be better then later. Why wast time.


If what Hannah said: About Kristen cheating on her last boyfriend with Rob? He knew what kinda of a relationship he was getting into! "Once a cheater always a cheater"


Sure, I will be at Breaking Dawn Part 2... I do have sympathy for Robby... It's really none of my business!


i'm sorry even if you did something super wrong like cheating it takes an ass hole to lie about and say nothing happen. but takes a true person what they did was wrong and then be honest and admit they did wrong.. i think she is brave and admit what she did is wrong.. no one is perfect where only human and if the man she loves (rob) dont see past it well it never work out but if he does see past it it will take time to heel but let them be and let them try to rekindle there lives let them be human beings..let them take time to understand what was wrong and let them fix there relationship its for for us (fans) to say the should or no be together becasue it non of our business.


Here is directly angels and experts on the relationship of people do not know. Stupid twifans.


chance make up Robsten.


Please Robert forgive her I know she cheated but its gonna ruin Twilight.You belong together your gonna make your fans upset.I hope they get back together.I loved them and imprinted on the world of Twilight ever since I was 5.These kinda of mistakes happen to people it was wrong but people deserve second


I agree with amanda tressler - I too will never be able to look at her the same way. Yes, ill go and see the movie, but for me i think she has now ruined it in a way.
Robert shouldnt take her back. He should move on with his life because he can do 10 times better. Apparently, she is torn up too...just imagine how he feels then! And she should feel bad, its all her fault and sanders as well. To be honest, i thought i would never be saying this about her. She not the girl i thought she was. And i also think that her career may suffer because of this.