Should Rob Kardashian be kicked off DWTS?

Kim Kardashian Cheating Tweet

I vote for him...he has really gotten better & better...and I don't give a fig about his sisters....he stands in his own light. they are rather tiresome anyway. He is fresh and cute.


Nothing against Rob, he's doing well but I am sick of so much of the family being there - It's not the Kardashian show! Cameras should not be giving them anymore tv time!! Also, wish there was a limit of how many family members may be there for the show with oh yeah seats right next to the floor & if big mouth Kloe can't shut up, she should be asked not to come back! It would be a shame if he makes it to final three because he isn't that good & that would happen because of Kim's fans voting...I think JR will win.

John e

Hell,leave him alone.He is doing fine with out his sisters.Hell i would be nervous and nuts to, if i had those woman for my family.Hell it might be the first time by him self with out them.


Down with all the Kardashians. I am tired of that name. PLEASE PLEASE.


In my OPINION, I think Rob is doing a wonderful job. He is EXCELLING each week, and after Len Goodman told him to kinda stroke his partner in a sexy fashion, he DID it, and it makes him more confident in himself. He had to reach the area of CONFIDENCE, and now, if he comes onto the dance floor, to just HAVE FUN, he might be there for a few more weeks. I thin that now, it will be David, or Max next, then maybe Nancy or Rob. I am betting on J.R. or Rikki.Rob is NOT responsible for what his sister did. She is a firecracker, and enjoys teasing someone, and NOT hurting people. Just trying to be FUNNY.


Maybe Kim was mad because Rob chose to stay away from her birthday party and learn his cha-cha dance.


I think that Kim was trying to sabotage her brother because he has gone so much farther and done so much better than she did on DWTS.
Rob Kardashian has excelled on DWTS and has truly become a fine young man.

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