Should Rihanna and Chris Brown get back together?

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Will Chris Brown be back in jail ever?

Will Chris Brown be back in jail ever, following his June 2014 release?

Do you feel sorry for Chris Brown?

Do you feel sorry for Chris Brown, getting harassed in jail?

Is Chris Brown akin to Jesus?

R. Kelly says Chris Brown reminds him a bit of Jesus. Do you agree?

Chris Brown: Is he a changed man after rehab?

Chris Brown: A changed man after rehab? Vote in our survey!

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"If anyone should be running, it should be Rihanna,she didn't assault him he assaulted her". "The public can talk all they want,if they want to be together no one will be able to keep them apart"."Experience is the best teacher"!!


If any of this is true Chris Brown need to run not walk as far away from Rihanna as he can. After all the trouble this woman has caused him no way. She almost ruined his career and he is just now able to hold his head up. He will not get a second chance she will completely destroy him. I hope his mother talk some sense into him, again if any of this is true. Hope his has enough sense to put his career and talents first cut all ties from her tweets, facebook, myspace whatever cut them off. Rihanna will most definely ruin him if he don't stop this now.