Should Rihanna and Chris Brown get back together?

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Will Chris Brown be back in jail ever, following his June 2014 release?

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Do you feel sorry for Chris Brown, getting harassed in jail?

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I really think that they should get back together because they are a very cute couple and just because he made one mistake does not mean he is a bad person. People make mistake that's a point a life and for yall to sit here and tell a grown ass women that she shouldnt not be with him your the ones that's crazy. Let them do what they want to do,they have a life just like must of us do (me have a life just sayin) Thats all i'm going to say DEUCES


Personally, I think people should stay the hell out of their business. Their lives have nothing to do with yours. Are they taking care of you and/or your children? Paying your bills? Are you part of their family? A close friend? Part of their entourage?


I think she is pathetic for getting back together with him. He is a man with alot of rage and he will beat again.


No no no they shouldnt be together again she could loose lots of fans and I think she's making a mistake like they say once an abuser always is a abuser it's her idea just watch she is in the worst Hands just watch


also all these sites now have comparison pics of u and kim k now isayng ur trying to be like her, and ur trying so hard to not be considered half black, look back at La La that first came out girl everyone took a poll and agreed ur more hood then hood can be, so u hung with Kim k bought some weave u all of a sudden different, ur hair was blonde u darkend it, kim runs circles around u hunny, i know u read this and say o well just another hater but this is coming from the heart, u use to be pretty until u started wanting to be like kim k, now u just lame, go be a housewife and sweep after melo cause thats all the a'list ur going to be


Once an abuser always an abuser


No, they shouldn't get back together cuz did u see what Chris did to Rihanna ? I wouldn't take another chance . I think it's a REALLY bad idea . What if Chris hurts Rihanna again ? Like ... No I wouldn't date him anymore If I was you Rih. Chris had no right to treat u like that .


she should think real hard b4 she gets back with him or better yet she should view her pics after the beating n them decide i would never go back 2 someone that has put there hands on me NEVER!!


I dont think is a great idea that they get back together but if thats Rihanna's choice let her do what ever she wants she knows what she's doing. Good Luck :)


Seriously?! I hope not. Remain friends but not as a couple. Being from a very abusive relationship and going back several times, it only gets worse. I hope she doesn't do this. It will hurt more people than she will ever know.