Rachel Crow was voted out of The X Factor after the final five. Did America make the right call?

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This entire episode was disgusting. This little gal is a true talent. The X-Factor has lost any appeal it ever had for me. Rachel Crow will go far as she has shown what she's made of. The fact that Marcus beat her in audience vote shows that the voting is rigged. A lot of people said they "couldn't get through" when they tried to vote for her. "Foul play!" Never will watch again.


It doesn't take any talent to copy the soul phrasing and word disection that is so common in a lot of todays music. If the voice is nothing special all the gimmicks in the world will not convince a record company that you have the talent to sell records. How many soul singer already sound alike?


my opinion get rid of nicole she has a vendetta against simon and his girls are paying for it hopefully they throw her off that show because rachael crow was better then some of the others


@ red Yes there are 1000's of girls who can sing, but i bet not many could hold a candle to Rachel Crow. You are missing the bigger picture here.... That youg lady is truly truly blessed. She has a wonderful spirit about her. She was destined for greatness. I for one would pay to see this young lady perform.


I think it was very nerve recking for Nichole to make a decision on both contestant. I would never be mad at her, one will sit back and quick to critize but they are not in that judge shoe. Rachael has a superb personality she will go on to great things. Marcus he is older and I guarantee anyone he would never have the success Rachael will get, due to that personality of hers. You go girl you will go on to great things. You are one of the chosen. Bless and love


NO ONE is going to pay to see Rachael Crow. There are 1000's of little girls that can sing. Im troubled that she broke down befoer she has ever really been in the business. She showed she isnt ready. Not by a long shot. Rachael needed to go home. America decided. Stop blaming Nicole. Bunch of punks who are saying the most God awful things behind the anonimity of the internet.


For all of us fans of Rachel Crow this is not the end.. Our Rachel will be around for a very long time..No need to feel bitter or sad .
The process had to continue. Like Rachel said "it's nobodys fault".


The Talent On The XFactor Is Unreal. I Do believe The Last Eight Contestants Will Go On And Be Great Entertainers, Rachel We Have Not Heard The End Of You, Cant Wait To see Your First Movie, You Are A Great Great Perfomer


A judge that cannot make a decision should be removed from any further action regarding the contestants. What an act she put on!!!
Crying for yourself is no justice. Because you have an act that is in the finals, you were sure that he would not defeat the young songstress and made your decision accordingly.
What a shame!