Should President Obama be reelected in 2012?

The President of the United States
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4 more years of this Obamacon?
Get him out of there, America, before he does more damage!


Sorry to say it willl be 4 more years, because of the republicans weak candiate. Obama is beatable but not by romney. So Obama can continue to wreck the country, and put our grandkids in debt to pay for al of his overspendidng


Sure four more years. Considering where we were and where we are now, yeah Obama all the way. The GOP can go burn the sea. Obama will be sworn in on January 20th


another 4 years needed. thank you!


sheila is right. it's not getthim outta here, it's hell no four more years.


It's not "Get him outta here" is more like "HELL NO MORE YEARS!!! He needs to LEAVE NOW!!!!


In my opinion President Obama has done untold damage to the U.S.A. His left wing leanings and naivety concerning the so-called 'Arab Spring' will leave him with a legacy to be ashamed of. If the U.S.A. does not elect a Republican next time around then I fear for the future well being of the American people.


That's exactly what got him elected to begin with...too many damn imbeciles in this country!!


I am so glad you can speak and spell well. Let every one know the type of person backing Obama


president obama has bn one of de best president of this sentury need another 4 moore years he do not have enougt time to fix what need to be fix he need 4 moore yeas to finish his job is no fear others president tha having don any thing for usa they got the chance so we need to give president obama 4 moore yars tks