Popchips pulled a fake dating website ad featuring Ashton Kutcher because some believed it to be racist. Are you among them?

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Hey juicy guy, In my opinion, it's sounds like you need a wake-up call when it come to find a women a dating website. First, I encourage you to like yourself and then people will love of who you, too. I'm sorry, but I feel you are emotionally miserable and you need a great looking woman that would make happy. However, you have to happy with yourself first before you make a great looking ladies happy. Because feeling down and out would not cut-it like Charlie Sheen. You can do a lot better than just being obnoxious on comedy television.


To 'Juicy'
Learn how to spell and construct sentences. Maybe you will learn how to when (if) you reach the 8th grade!


joenamherst has made 83 comments all negative and all stupid now i should be able to say your jus a vindictive unhappy asshole who after 85 comments should be censored get a life quit reading hollywood gossip from what i see you probaly don't have friends piople avoid you ask yourself why you seriously need something to do relax have sex(with your self more likly) lol


z-lester sounds like you need a life it's call comedy im sorry no one has offered you a chance to act to bring something other than misery to life if you were offered what he get's pain you will be in black face wig and buck tooth with padding in you ass walking around like steppin fetchem saying yea sir boss ims funny,,,,


people need to lighten up they are taking all the fun out of just for fun you can,t pray you can,t say jesus in prayer you can,t become a character you can,t breastfeed your hungry child why does everybody have to miss out because of assholes who don't have shit to do if you don't like it don't take away my right to laugh to live every thing ani't personal what once made american beautiful is going away for misery loves company if you did something besides sit your ass in front of the tv you could enjoy that somethings are all in fun


He should be fired from 2 1/2 Men immediately. This is much worse then anything Charley Sheen ever did!