Phillip Phillips is your American Idol champion! But should he be?

American Idol Finalists
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Did Caleb Johnson deserve to win American Idol?

Did Caleb Johnson deserve to win American Idol season 13?

Who should win American Idol Season 13?

We're down to two on American Idol Season 13. Who should win?

Did Alex Preston deserve to go home on American Idol?

Alex Preston is off American Idol. Did fans make the right choice?

Which member of the American Idol Top 3 put on the best performance?

We're down to three on American Idol Season 13. Who put on the best performance?

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I have seen every American Idol on English TV so not at all surprised that the American public voted for the 'boy next door look' rather than the best singer. After all they voted Adam Lambert second and he was the best on any singing contest show EVER. What was the name of the guy who beat him?!!


everything happen for a reason !!!!Phillip is good but Jessica is the best!!!!


Phillip won because he can sing better than all the others.... CUT AND DRY!
Jessica looked and sounded fake....Skylar was a backwoods hick....and Joshua was a screeching, holyroller. SO THERE.


My one question is who's CD would you buy - I would definately purchase Phillip's - such a wonderful 'new' change in our listening world. Love Jessica's voice but don't think we are ready for a new Celine and/or Whitney. -Luv music


Phillip seems to be a nice guy. But let's face it: He can't sing on pitch and doesn't hold a candle to Jessica. I wish him luck, but I think he will just fade into the background as have so many of the so called "cute boys" who won in the past. Joshua was also outstanding, and I think he will have an amazing career as will Jessica. Good luck to all the Idol finalists.


PP winning was a joke. Joshua and Jesica should have been the finalists. PP was an All-American WGWG and the other two were minorities. PP played it smart though. He hid his girlfriend until he won AI. Then afterll th teenie-boppers voted for him, se showed up on the stage to congratulate him. He is a smart cookie. HE KNEW he could not sing and would not win if the teeniesknew he was taken, so he kept her in the dark.Poor kid, he won't make it because he cannot sing.


I think there was an insane amount of talent this year. More than half of the top 12 could have taken it all. Did I want PP to win? Yes. He made me giggle watching him sing. I loved that he genuinely what anyone thought..he just did his thing. His love for music was SO evident. He just lost himself in his music, which was wondrous to watch. Was Jessica freaking amazing? Oh, yes. Joshua gave me the chills with his God-given talent. I enjoyed this season more than any other. Best wishes to them all. If they can survive the grueling AI 'boot camp' and make it thru their nutty schedule with little-to-no sleep, hats off to them all.


Josha is the one who got robberd he should have won but i know he has a record deal. So with that being said who needs to be a winner of AI


Jessica will be just fine, she is in talks with Tommy Matola to produce her album. She got the better prize!


I have read all the comments and what amazes me is half of you can't even spell. I think Phillip deserves to be the American Idol as much as anyone . They all shone in their own way. They all will do well in the future. If I had my way Skylar Laine would have been my choice. But I am a country fan to begin with. Holly was great too. Joshua was great too. We all don't like the same music. They are all talented. Sure beats America 's got Talent where one guy was sent on because you could kick him in the privates all day and he said it didn't hurt. You call that a talent? Remember this. My grand father said to me one time that it's sure lucky we all don't think alike cuz if that were the case then everybody would have been chasing grandma