Should Matt Bomer play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades?

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I would love to see Patrick Dempsey


Wow he is definitely ignorant. I think it's a crap book/movie and Matt Bomer shouldn't waste his time on it. That said I totally could see him rocking a sexy role like this.


People who cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality need to seek professional help. Regardless, Matt Bomer is too good for this trashy overhyped fanfiction.


Gay or not, in my mind, Christian Grey has sandy blond hair!


i have read the books and feel that having a gay actor play cg, would be a disappointment. i obviously have a picture of cg in my mind, but as a female, we imagine ourselves as ana, and knowing that matt bomer is gay, just doesn't give cg/the book justice. i am not against gay people at all, but this book really did something for me and i just feel that fantasy would be ruined. i know it it just acting but in the end where there is any sexual acts, well it would just be untrue. i will just keep thinking this is not right, he is gay


Please don't get me wrong he ishot n all BUT we still need someone in our mind that is accessible, has to be straight.


Hello, Richard Chamberlain is gay and played opposite Rachel Ward in The Thornbirds- and there were some REALLY hot love scenes in that mini-series. Gay or straight it doesn't matter, they're playing characters!


A good gay actor may be able to play straight to a certain extent, but to Christian grey level, I don't think so!! There needs to be a lot of chemistry between the actors to make it believable!!


You hire the right people for the right job and I wouldnt want Bomer as CG even if he wasn't gay. Ian Somerhalder please. But this is politically correct bs. Bret is only saying what so many are thinking anyway. I think maybe the producers or whoever took Bret off the list of possible writers has no balls!! he is speaking the truth!! You wouldnt hire a woman to play CG or Denzel Washington(who I love but not for CG) and no one in their right mind wants a gay CG!! Like Sara above said it would ruin the CG fantasy. But they want to go and be all pollitically correct but at the end of the day Bret is right! They can put on a show for the gays and the Matt Bomer supporters but they are not going to cast a gay Christian Grey because most people don't want it! I bet even E.L. James doesn't want it!!! Thanks for speaking the truth Bret!


Seems to me a really a hard sell for a book that is based pretty much entirely on sex with a woman. But maybe he is a good enough actor, I don't know because I have never heard of him before today.