Should Lucy Hale star in 50 Shades of Grey?

Lucy Hale Pic

She would be perfect as Mia, I can totally see her as having her brothers wrapped around her finger.


Please not Lucy Hale, all she has in common with Ana is being a brunette. I like Amanda Seyfriend, blue eyes too big for her face, and of course dye her her to become a brunette or Elizabeth Olsen, my favorite, hair color darkened and a good make up artist can really make her eyes bigger and bluer. Also, Ana has pale skin and Lucy has olive. Amanda is definatly pale and Elizabeth as well. Matching the looks to the books description is vital since Christian is always talking about her physical appearance.


You might want to re-read the books...Ana is a burnette (like all his subs and mother).


Lucy Hale is so wrong for this part. her hair is the wrong colour and she's too short. Ana is tall and blond. I think Amanda Seyfriend woudl be perfect.

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