Should Lindsay Lohan host Saturday Night Live?

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I think saturday night alredy has enough drugaticks in their scetches i dont think they need more.


Hey, *Breadmaker* When I read your comment, I thought, you NAILED it perfectly. Betty White was ONE of the FUNNIEST/ENJOYABLE appearances that SNL has EVER had. She is a *LEGEND*, and Lohan doesn't belong on it, and I am SICK OF hearing or seeing her.


Why would a show that had a class act like Betty White stoop to putting this loser in the limelight?


Why do people keep giving these drug addicts a pat on the back and say well done...Saturday Night Live used to be a class act you had to really be somebody to get on SNL now just any old crack head or felon gets on..if you have one song or one part in a bad movie or anything your on SNL.. really sucks thats why the show now bad