Should Lindsay Lohan do hard time in jail?

Lindsay Lohan, Fake Lips
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Does Lindsay Lohan look unhealthier than usual?

Lindsay Lohan looks pale in sickly in recent photos. Is she looking unhealthier than usual?

Is Lindsay Lohan back on drugs?

Lindsay Lohan has been posting lots of partying pics. Think the star is back on drugs?

Did Joan Rivers go too far with her Lindsay Lohan miscarriage joke?

Joan Rivers recently joked about Lindsay Lohan's miscarriage. Do you think she went too far?

Lindsay Lohan Miscarriage: Real or Fake?

Was Lindsay Lohan's miscarriage real or a fake stunt to garner sympathy? You vote ...

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Robert Downey Jr did time and it changed his life so maybe that is what she needs also a Mom who is a Mom and not a Yes person who is looking for Fame


Should go to jail? Absolutely! Self intitled, narcissistic personality disorder. "I am beautiful no matter if I do look like a cracked out meth addict to everyone else. It's everyone's else's fault because the world is full of haters. I'm a celebrity so I won't go to jail. I can't afford my court order therapy because I just bought that new porshe. I have my priorities."
Please just give some meth, crack or whatever. A bottle of jack and a really fast car then clear a highway for her. I am so tired of hearing about this washed up bimbo.