Many believe Kim Kardashian should not speak on legal issues because her dad helped get OJ off. Do you agree?

Kim Kardashian, Still Pregnant
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she is her own person, not her father. but i think she does just need to shutup in genereal.


''it over'' kim needs to shut up.and be a mom to her baby and poor west..dont know what to do now .his fun days are over.what about the


Kk has a right to her opinion. We need to stay more focus on how this murder Gz got off scott free and a innocent teenager is lying in is grave because of ignorance. Gz profiled and stalked Trayvon Martin and killed him. If this was a white boy, he would have never walked free. Racism is very much aware! Who says we have honor the jury ....when the defense case was built up on lies. Just like mr Guy said, most the case was common sense, but the jurors still did it their heartless way. I am apalled at such careless judgement.


I want justice for anyone who has ever been done wrong in any form or fashion..any age group...any race..we are all God's children & I know He will have the final say! Kim was a teen while that mess was going on & like O.J eventually got what was coming to him, Zimmerman will also.

@ tori

Well said. OJ already got what was coming to him, that is why he is in jail. Zimmerman and Casey Anthony will get what is coming to them.


People defend the wrong people! HE WUZ A CRIMINAL! RODNEY KING HELLO! DRUNKEN WIFE BEATER! How about justice 4 innocent children who are raped no these people go free!

@ Ronnie Corral

Hello! Did you forget that Rodney King was savagely beaten in theL.A. riots for doing nada? I'd be having a drink after those injuries & PTSD . What does KK's opinion have to do with R.K and chidren being raped? Ridiculous*


Being Robert Kardashians daughter has nothing to do with her opinion! Kimmy is her own person!! She has her own mind! She eas like a teen when her daddy was the defense. Stop throwing her under the bus ppl.