A new campaign is using Kim Kardashian an example of why millionaire should pay more taxes. Do you agree?

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For many years I paid taxes, and every year, when I made more money, I paid higher taxes. So, no matter what, with millionaires, and corporations, they should be paying more. Even Donald Trump should. America is always claiming we are the *Land of the Free* yet we can't go to the governors office or a rally and speak out, cuz we will be ARRESTED for *Disturbing the PEACE*. If we disagree with anything that Washington wants, we will get ZAPPED. Now, with our republican govenors/democratic too, IF we don't speak up NOW, we will be a country full of SHAME, and POOR PEOPLE, just like the THIRD WORLD countries.The MEDIA is using KIM KARDASHIAN as their TOOL for selling copies/newspaper/etc. She is turning into their **SCAPEGOAT**. Most likely because SHE is a WOMAN in the HIGH EPSILON.


Thats how it works in Canada, you get taxed more the more you make. It seems to work for us.

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