You tell us: Should Kim Kardashian tie the knot with Kanye West?

Dapper Kanye West
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Kim i really think that u should taje some more time to think about ur relation ship,i am saying this based on your past relationships.if u feel that this is ur true love u should get married i believe that u will know when true loves comes!


And well said to SYLVIA ARMIJO - couldn't agree with you more. her taste in men in on the downhill slide. Kanye is just plain FUGLY. I guess that proves for Kim at least that she doesn't care HOW FUGLY the dude is as long as he has $$$$$$$$$. Kris wasn't going to make it in the NBA and that spelled LOSER in her mind. See? Not enough money. With that being said, I don't care how rich he is you'd have to put a bag over his head and mine in bed in case his falls off! EEEWWWW....


Connie, Well said!!!! Kim is a runaway train! Humphries was bad enough but Kanye? Kim is the prototype for women everywhere who get the bad rap (no pun intended) for always needing a man. Where is her dignity and morales? Oops, forgot who I was talking about. Hell, why not Chris Brown? Then he can beat her ass and she can cry about that and get a divorce is LESS than 72 days. I am sick to death about hearing about her love life. Can't she find a decent man (or a cute one)? This is just plain nauseating!!!!!


What the hell does Kim see in this jerk!!!! He is such an arrogant a--hole and so butt ugly!!!!!!!!!


two lowlifes....they are meant for each other....


OMG Give me a break she's not even divorced yet. This only proves she married for TV ratings.


no she is not a woman to be a wife just a toy to play with when you get your fill smile say what a trip in the hay and hit the road


A match made in heaven. Two divas. We all know that most households can only have one diva (or brat) and they will kill each other for that spot.
They have got to be 2 of the most annoying people on the planet.


i hope mr K doesn't fall in to the ms. K trap!!!…. this yeasty tramp has sucked more Johnsons than a Tijuana Hooker!.


i hope the tramp takes him for everything she can get and leave him onthe side of the road who has'nt had her no self respecting man would marry that tramp she must not be shit R kelly ani't pissed on her ass