Khloe Kardashian apparently wants to adopt. Should she?

Khloe Kardashian Baby Cover
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I feel that th kardashian are just like other people they just have more money than some and put most of there family business on TV but they should be able to have as many childrens as they want . no one has the right to say they can't anymore kids I think khole need a child of her on to raise with her sister kids the kardashian are just like you and I tThey put their paint on one leg at a time if youwouldn't have heard about the kardashian woul anyone care how many baby they bring into the world Hell no!!!!


No more Kardashian babies to pimp them out for a few dollars. It seems as if NOTHING in these people has to do with love just dollars. And that shows 110% with North West so PLEASE no more babies for these people...