Joan Rivers made a Holocaust joke in reference to Heidi Klum's dress. Should she apologize?

Joan Rivers in Mink

I don't think she should have to apologize. She offends people everyday. Just because she said something about Jews doesn't mean she should apologize. It's a god damn joke. Her whole career is making fun of people! You don't see Adele flipping shit because she made a fat joke, because it's not that big of a deal. Come on now!


Nice poll ... where is the, "NO, she should not."


Of course she should apologize to Heidi Klum and the German people for the vicious slur that Germans pushed Jews into ovens, of which no German was ever accused at Nuremberg or elsewhere, much less convicted, while Americans did demonstrably and proudly incinerate countless defenseless German civilians in the closing months of the war using prohibited phosphorus ("incendiary") bombs.


Wasn't the most tasteful joke, but then again, we live in a society where everyone walks on eggshells. Everything is either too PC, cheating individuals to truly be themselves. No one was physically harmed from this and we all know the media scoffs at anything that can make news. Why expect an apology that won't be genuine? How about we focus on the real monsters that live amongst us? I have more respect for her knowing she's standing her ground. Stop being so freaking sensitive!!!

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