Jenna Talackova was disqualified from Miss Universe Canada because she is transgender. Was this the proper call?

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This is disgusting. She was BORN a man, she should have the right to compete. She's a woman now, a darn beautiful woman. This makes me sick, if they didn't knew this she would have probably won. What is WRONG with this world?!


that doesn't mean others should be compelled to adopt that view just so the individual can feel better. This is an encroachment on the right of people to think freely. having a transgender operation is a choice, the consequences thereof is something that is opted into for the individual undergoing the surgery. The same can not be said for the others who are being pressured to adopt. intelligent thoight is a product of language. dilluting technical terms to be meaningless only dumbs down our species, and removes potential. do what ever you want but don't try and force others to care or pay attention to things they don't agree with. make your own contest, dont take over an existying establishment.


This Is another example of how political correctness is diluting the language. It is important for words to have exact definitions. otherwise how can people communicate effectively. in order to put a statement in proper context you have to use the definition that was valid when the statement was made. The creators of the miss universe contest in all likely hood never envisioned a transgender contestant. when it was created woman still meant someone who is genetically female.
to apply a modern definition to the word would be to take it out of context. a purposeful confusion to create a loophole. If an individual wants disregard their own origin they can do that, but .. continued on next comment

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