Jenna Talackova was disqualified from Miss Universe Canada because she is transgender. Was this the proper call?

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The only people who would fling their shit everywhere over this are jealous, ignorant women and men that are so insecure about their sexuality that they find the idea of thinking a male to female transgender woman is attractive unnerving. Grow the fuck up, really.


Hi folks, I live in Holland and here we have Kelly. I beautiful woman, in this country we do not make a fuss about that kind of things. If you feel like a woman and (now) looks like a woman, you are A WOMAN.
Please think what you would do if it was your child, have some respect. She is not only beautiful she has guts. They usually have a heavy childhood so I am happy that she is where she belongs now.
Love her guts, go girl!


They are disqualifying men who take steroids to build theirselves up so they can win competitions how is this any different? This person has taken hormones to change their muscle mass and skin to be that of a woman and finally had the penis extracted to give the appearance of a woman for a competition. HE WILL NEVER BE A REAL WOMAN..HE DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT CHROMOSONES AND NO UTERUS OR EGGS TO REPRODUCE AS A WOMAN> Now he can not even reproduce as a sad..he has just killed off his opportunity to continue pro creating which is what we are meant to do.


first of all he does not deserve to enter in this competition because he is male and the competition is for women. Secondly he will and always will be male


wow@comment's jealously and hate is whats wrong with people.. I'm a Gangsta rapper. and i have more certain for other peoples feelings then you assholes? she's pretty/beautiful . stop with the hate and ignorance. we have enough bullshit to deal with on a daily basis as human beings.


@NuckleDragger sure Jenna isn't the only woman of her kind and I hope you know that. She is beautiful and She has won Miss Canada hands down. As far as Halle Berry she is beautiful as well but come on she only placed 3rd runner up in the pageant she competed in. Let her enter and see how many women like us eat her alive in a pageant. Also for you idiots the reason why there are Transgender pageants is because women like us weren't able to compete or at least we thought we weren't. Jenna just opened up a whole new door for us. Now watch how many of us stun the world.


Lol, Alejendro's God never made a mistake. Not your god, Alejendro's god. Who he personally believes in. Which is based on things he was taught and interpreted. I'm not even saying I totally disagree with people who don't think she's a true women. I mean, no doubt on the inside, but a mutilated penis is still a mutilated penis. However, who the hell are you to tell anybody who to be? Oh right, YOUR god.


Oh come on... are you kidding me?????? What world are we live in??? My God never make a mistake, and He didn't when He made you a boy. Though your flesh may change into feminine your soul will remain masculine. Good luck...


I feel so bad after reading this issue... disappointed, sad, irritated etc.... I am a WOMAN, i have gay friends and relatives... but this is not right... this is no discrimination but please try to consider that still they are MEN, strength and body of a man... why not make an independent competition only for transgender... woman at their young age dreams to be part of this Event... now I feel its non sense... PLEASE RESPECT THE FEELINGS AND RIGHTS OF A WOMAN... YOU ARE TOTALLY DEGRADING US NOW... This has to STOP...


sorry my he-girl,,, but u cannot kill d truth inside ur heart..... n U LOOK LIKE A MAN