Ellen DeGeneres is a gay celebrity. Therefore, JC Penny should fire her as its spokesperson. So argues a conservative watch group. Do you agree?

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Glenn Beck defended Ellen as well. His site is now filled with hateful comments from his listeners, enraged that he defended her, under the video where he did. The media just never let us know about Beck's comments.


I could not believe what I heard on Ellen's show. People with nothing else to do discrimating against Ellen being a spokes person for JC Penney just because she is gay. I think they have too much time on their hands. I commend JC Penney's for not firing Ellen. Who care what a person does with their lives. I believe if you worry about something that has nothing to do with you, why worry? My grandson came out about a month ago on Facebook. I appauled him for his bravery and honesty. I love him no matter what choices he makes in his life. I watch Ellen because she is funny and generous. I don't care what her choice is for her life. She is happy and I don't think the people boycotting JC Penney or Ellen are happy in their lives. They're just jealous. Keep up the good work, Ellen and I'll keep watching you!!


Thank you JC Penney for standing up to these people trying to tell you how to run your company. One Million Moms should concentrate on the evil and filth on the internet destroying our children. I am a "one in a million mom" that has a gay daughter and proud of her for her accomplishments in life not where she shops!


SORRY ELLEN, but at the question Should J.C.Penny fire Ellen Degenerens I clicked the wrong question box. I am so sorry. I meant to click the What? HUH?, of course not. But, my finger did it by mistake.


I was shocked with what she said about J.C.Penny's cancelling her because of her preferences. Just think of the business they would lose if they lost her as a spoke person for their company. Ellen has been around on Tv for along time and will stay on. I remember the book store some years back and I loved her then and still love her today. I watch her every day and she moves me. Don't let anyone do this to you, they aren't the lucky ones we are. GO HELEN. I live in St.Petersburg, Fl.


I am sooooooooo confused! I honor everyone's right to opinion and choice. Why is it these people (and political goups) feel is is a "traditional value" and "christian" to not only hate and judge others but to try and impose there beliefs on others. I don't believe that the christian tradion has its basis in hate. I also believe that this country was based on INDIVIDUAL freedom and choice! why can't we just live and let live while practicing the golden rule?!


I wonder what would happen if all of these people who are so against letting the LGBT society live their lives in peace, turned their efforts towards something that is truly wrong with our planet, poverty and childhood hunger? These people make me sick! I, too, am a straight woman, in a commited relationship, but i have many friends who are part of the LGBT community, and how hard they have to fight just to be happy breaks my heart!


Ellen is so much more than her sexual preference. She is the heartbeat of America, and a role model for everyone, gay and straight alike. I am a 58 year old women, married for 30 years, with 3 children. I'm not sure why people continue to judge others on their sexual preferences, when there are so many more problems in our world to deal with.

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I’m thrilled that the California supreme court overturned the ban on gay marriage. I can’t wait to get married. We all deserve the same rights, and I believe that someday we’ll look back on this and not allowing gays to marry will seem as absurd as not allowing women to vote.

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You showed us something in that film that I have not seen for a very, very long time.

Ellen DeGeneres [to Jonah Hill, regarding his penis in The Wolf of Wall Street]