Ian Somerhalder says he'd love to star in Fifty Shades of Grey. Would he be right for the main role?

Ian Somerhalder at the People's Choice Awards
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He's a perfect fit. I was reading these books and the whole time I saw someone dark, handsome, great eyes that could make you swoon, but still had that edge too him. Then, I thought of Ian and he fit the bill. I'm glad to hear he is considering going for the role he's be perfect plus he's hot!


Matt Bomer is who I pictured the whole time I read the book!!


christian gray has to be extremely handsome and look clean cut. Ian doesnt he looks too dirty..How about Liam Hemsworth now he is SEXY and has gorgeous eyes.


Matt Bomer all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ian Somerhalder is a loser-he wanted to play the part before he even read the book. thats NOT an actor in it for the right reasons, thats someone who just wants in on all the hoopla thus giving him more fame..the fact that he's now down playing it just proves what a LOSER he is, because he knows he doesnt have a shot in hell to get this part..the part of Christian Grey requires a HOT guy wholl able to really get into character-MIND.body.soul..period!! someone like Ian S. whom started vying for the job prior to even reading the trilogy just proves how badly he wants in on the Fame, rather than giving the Christian Grey character his proper do!!!


Matt Bomer for sure!!!


Max Irons is the perfect choice!


god...come on ladies... we can do better than this guy. He's fucking creepy.


Ian would be amazing in this role! He plays the bad boy who actually cares very well! PLUS HE IS GORGEOUS!


Robert Pattinson can barely act let alone play a role such as Christian. It should be played by, not only a more experienced actor, but also one that the public would like to see in that role. The writers would be silly not to listen to the fans as they are the ones that will be paying to see and buy the film. Personally, I had never heard of Ian or 50 shades up until a few weeks ago. I read the books then went online to see who Ian was and was struck by the fact that he IS exactly as I pictured Christian in EVERY way. He has a certain confidence about him that none of the other candidates have, especially not Pattinson. This role requires passion and that is what gives Ian the edge. He is passion encarnate!!