Ian Somerhalder says he'd love to star in Fifty Shades of Grey. Would he be right for the main role?

Ian Somerhalder at the People's Choice Awards
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Got too be ian!He's got the looks that bad boy attitude ;) and the charm he would be great as christian grey! Everyone should vote ian!!!


Ian Somerhalder would be perfect as christian Grey.


Ian all the way!! I totally imagined Christian looking like Ian. His eyes and his smile definitely fit the description...who cares about the hair color. He is a beautiful man


I would choose Matt bomer as Christian grey and michelle phiffer as mrs. Robinson. Blake lively as Kate.


I would have thought that William Levy could play an awesome Christian Grey although his accent would be totally wrong for it but he is drop dead sexy and has the body for it!!


Henry Cavill is Christian Grey no doubt about it!!


Ian Somerhalder would be perfect for the role. I watch him on Vampire Diaries and he is very sexy and his demeener is perfect for the role. I will not wtach it unless he plays Christian Grey. I am reading the books now and he is who I vision.


Ian is cute, but Christian is supposed to be tall with broad shoulders. Ian is kinda short and his body doesn't have the type of presence Christian needs. And why do people keep saying Alexander Skarsgard? He looks 40! Christian is 27/28. I honestly think the best bet is to go with an unknown...


What about Zac Effron?


No No No ladies! Christian should be played by Alexander Skarsgard. In all three books he is all i could imagine playing him. He has played some roles that are like 50 Shades. Honestly if Ian gets it i will be forced NOT to watch the movie. Something about Ian is a totall turn off. He wouldnt have a pull over all the women in the book like Alexander would.