Howard Stern is in the running for a spot on the America' Got Talent panel. But should he be?

Howard Stern Talk Show Appearance
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Long time AGT fan NO MORE! Get rid of Howard Stern!


I will no longer be watching the show. There is no way I will support anythink or anyone that flatters that horrible man. He disgusts me.


ptcsux- there is enough filth on tv already! grow up and find God before its too late!


I did listen to him once or twice and he was disgusting. He should not be on a family show, but remember you do not have to watch it. There are a lot of other options. The network better keep a very close watch on him.


This was a nice family show we enjoyed watching with our grand-children. We frequently recorded the show so they could watch when they visited. Since he has already indicated "there will be tears!" It is clear he intends to be rude and obnoxious, which is not why we watch the show. We understand the importance of criticism, but it does not need to be rude and obnoxious. We will not be watching with our family, and will probably not watch the show if he is a judge. It appears they are casting him for the shock factor, which may bring in those who like that sort of thing, but we like to see the talent!


These ignorant, misninformed comments just tell you how sad and pathetic most of america is. This is why I'm glad Howard is doing the show. These dopes are going to have to face the fact that he is far from the person they have painted him to be in their heads.


Get a life you ned flanders clueless twats. Why don't you listen to his show once and a while and get to know what he's really like and not what your biased and baseless opinions think he's like. you do know it's a comedy show right? that they have writers and work off of scripts? or are you the type of people that think once the cameras turn off the cast of csi are really cops in real life too. Bill, Louise, Trish...go fuck a goat


WTF, What the hell is he going to do? He is only good for running his mouth and sizing up bimbos. What does he possibly have to offer to the panel?


Howard Stern reminds me of a disease. He is obnoxious and quite ugly. With radio you need not look at him but I still won't listen to him or watch Idol if he joins the judges


No,no, no,no, please no!!!