Should Cristy Nicole Deweese be fired for posing for Playboy a few years before she became a teacher?

Cristy Nicole Deweese Picture

Its sad I feel they should work things out they were together for so long


I don't think the issue is that she's getting fired for posing in playboy, she's getting fired because there are naked pictures of her readily available to any student who can google. Now how is that appropriate for a teacher-student relationship? I'm completely sympathetic to her, because what we do in our past doesn't necessarily reflect on who we are today. But at the same time, she was clearly a young good looking girl who wanted attention so she posed in playboy and is now upset because it had an affect on her future. The lesson here is take personal responsibility for what you choose to put out there of yourself. This whole "I only did it to make money to pay for college" is just an excuse. There's 100's of other jobs and ways to make money to pay for school. Ask any other students currently attending.


um...the parent who brought this up had to see the magazine. what type of role model is a parent who reads dirty magazines? If she is a good teacher leave it be and get over it. Maybe she used her modeling career to pay for her schooling.

@ Jennifer

I'm sure if the parent that seen the magazine isn't going to let their child see the pix. On the other hand..Jennifer is right..there are lots of other ways to make money!

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