Roland Martin made fun of H&M's David Beckham underwear ads and now GLADD wants to journalist fired. Do you think he should be?

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yes, he is so arrogant Aand always supporting the race card or if you are not a left-leaning liberal or not on team obama, forget about it! Let him join the rest of the ones who should get themselves a hardworking job i.e. al sharpton, jessie jackson lovan jones, etc. Lucky he had that job on cnn even though he stunk!


Being gay is not funny. I am glad I am not. To me if you are born healthy. If you don't have health issues and your physical body is functioning as it should be, be it man or woman and you are born that way then stay that way. Change comes with your thinking. If you think way then you perceive and are recieve that way.


What is happening to freedom of speech. He did not mention "GAY".
Why are we so intent on jumping on an innocent comment. Glad you haven't heard my opinions.


fire his ass! i cant stand that asshole anyway


what is the world coming too? the word gay didnt even come up. some people are way to PC. give the guy a break or grow a sense of humour


There was no mention of "gay" anything. More like "jealously", because he didn't look as good in a pair of underwear as Beckham did. Gizzzz, work on your sensitivity issues. And a sense of humor might help you distinguish between a joke and an insult.