Should Burger King has pulled its Mary J. Blige commercial? Was the spot racist?

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i like chicken and music so whats so racist about it and i agree with tommie that was kind of insulting but anyway please show me the insulting part because i thik i might have missed or was there really a insult at all


I don't get it, where is the insult in the commercial, what I thought was an insult was this comment. Because God knows black folk won’t buy anything unless there’s a song, and preferably a dance, attached to it.�


I don't get it. I love fried chicken (actually anything with chicken in it), music gets my attention, but I'm white. Since when are fried chicken and music exclusive to black people. I've never met a southern person yet, black or white, that didn't love their music and fried chicken. There is even a country song about it.


Much ado about nothing. This registers so low on the Richter scale I'm amazed ANYONE would make such a big deal out of this. Grow up and move on!


this is so sad people make a big thing out of nothing....there is enough sterotype going around...just look at her track record speaks for itself!!!come better than this or don't come at all.


Oh come on now its just a commercial and she is awesome and can sing about anything she wants! and since when is a chicken wrap with a tortilla racist?