Should Brandi Glanville be fired from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Carlton Gebbia, Brandi Glanville

Oh my. Whoever went and changed the rules and let reality enter reality tv??


I think brandi should be taken off the show she ls low class.the things she say .not all of us who watch the show approve of that kind of behavior.the f ing is one thing .the last straw is saying how stink another woman's vagina is.but Brandi should know.she screws around so much.I'm sure she dont have to wash hers

@ jascinth

Some people consider it low class to not know how to form a single sentence correctly. But instead of judging you on that, I simply wonder if you have ever done things in life you made a rude comment to someone, slept with the wrong guy, parenting decisions you agonize over?
I have. Everyone has. Very few have the courage to let it be seen and judged by millions, and let those millions tear them apart as if they have never made similar blunders in life.
We all make our blunders, but we have relative anonymity to hide behind. Furthermore, most of us choose to hide ourselves and pretend to be better than we are, it is natural.
So, no, I don't judge you on your poor writing skills and barely coherent anger. And I won't judge brandi for her life choices, her social blunders, etc. She at least admits her mistakes, believes in her strengths and really simply seems to want the same from others.
You don't have to agree, or even like, a person, to accept them as a fellow person. What if everyone were as honest about their emotions and flaws as she?
I truly don't have that courage. But, agree with all she says and does or not, I appaud that courage.
Thank you and best of wishes.

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