Should any scholarships be decided based on race?

Whites Only Debate

"It's a poor way to talk about affirmative action," said David Coreas, the 21-year-old senior who is president of the Latino fraternity Phi Iota Alpha at BU. "Caucasians tend to have a higher per capita income than Latinos and other minorities," Coreas notes. "We have to have scholarships to survive." OK, so what? All white kids can’t be poor because you avg. all whites together or, no family of another race can have a higher per capita income than a white family? ... get the hell out of here; talk about racist. Then again this is coming from the President of a fraternity that limits its membership based on race. This is what academics call a logical fallacy but, I just call it downright hypocritical. If you really need it to “survive” then stop making your scholarships based on race and base it on income levels and academic potential instead. Lastly, for the love of GOD America stop catering to chronic victims and habitual whiners!


Its not differant than black scholarships! They have them for moms, women, so on and so fourth. Just like there is black people or B.E.T. black entertainment telivision. All of those can easily be described at racist, and sexist. So i imagine if there was a white entertainment tv program there would be uproar on that. Just b/c it specifies white.i really see no problem with the caucasian shcolarship as long as it done moraly.

@ joe

I am glad someone finally did a "white only" scholarship!!! Why is everyone getting upset over it??? There is the "all black" or "Hispanic" scholarships, colleges, funds available for them. SO why can't the white folks have something like that??? Every time the "white" race does something it is always racist but it is ok for the other races to do it. Let a "white" person wear or have anything to do with the confederate "rebel" flag and OMG it's the worst thing ever but the blacks wear their MLK shirts or the Hispanics sport around the Mexican flag and it is fine! When I was in college being a single, white female who was working 40 plus hours a week and supporting myself with NO help from anyone, I barely got any financial help on my tuition and books. When I asked why couldn't I get more I was told because I was the wrong race and didn't have any kids!!! BS!!!! So I 100% back the person who is standing up for the white only scholarship!!!!

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